Fintech Marketing - Get Customers using SEO

Fintech is currently a booming industry and a strong SEO strategy is crucial for your Fintech, to increase quality traffic and leads, and rank No1 on Google. Read on how to convert sales and build a valuable Fintech company.
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Fintech Marketing  - Get Customers for your Fintech Company using SEO

Fintech is a booming industry at the moment and having a strong marketing strategy in place for your fintech is crucial. You don’t want to miss the boat 

My experience in the Fintech and Financial services industry has taught me that strategic SEO and copy optimisation is key to organic growth and No1 ranking on Google. Which is why my marketing agency specialises in SEO services. 

Fintechs are always looking to build a quality business from the beginning and - from experience - SEO is the best channel for this. In combination with other marketing tactics, such as email marketing or social media strategy, your fintech can grow organically, increase quality traffic and scale up in under a year. 

In this post, I will be explaining why SEO is important in Fintech Marketing, to convince you further!

  • The ROI is considerably better.
  • You achieve organic growth.
  • You surpass competition on SERPs.
  • SEO content optimisation is included. 
  • Brand Building.

Why SEO matters in Fintech Marketing

ROI: more gains and benefits.

Once SEO is driving growth, you’ll notice better benefits back and less costs.

Especially as a fintech start-up, when the budget is limited, deciding on which marketing channel to invest your budget can be tricky. But I always suggest investing in an SEO specialist who will build a strong keyword strategy for your business. It is a guaranteed method of getting back more without putting much into it.

Some Return Of Investment examples from a strong SEO strategy are:

Reduced PPC costs: although both SEO and PPC should be used in marketing, an SEO strategy can better define the keywords and search terms for your Google Adwords campaigns, reducing unnecessary costs on PPC. 

Ease in converting organic leads to sales as: 

  1. SEO drives quality
  2. Reduces bounce rate
  3. And because the best SEO strategies are underpinned by solid PPC data - the search queries report in Google Adwords tells you what keywords have converted. 

SEO is known for improving customer retention rates by reducing the bounce rate. It answers common questions your customers have, and provide quality solutions.

You achieve organic growth

We are a marketing agency experienced in validating new fintech propositions by building brands and striving for customer acquisition.

We help established Fintech brands grow organically, both their leads and their branding.

How do we do this?

  1. By understanding your audience
  1. Coming up with a strong value proposition that represents you as a business.
  1. Designing and building websites that not only look visually good but convert.
  1. Ensuring the website’s technical and keyword strategy are set up for SEO success.

Most Fintechs have the same initial objective: to scale up fast. However, that is an expensive procedure. Our experience tells us that SEO delivers the best results, but it’s an approach that needs time and patience. We always advise a combination of marketing tactics, such as PPC, running simultaneously to the SEO strategy.  

How SEO helps your fintech business is evident when you rank high for searches and enquiries relevant to your business. By optimising your on-page copy and your content, you help people looking for your services find you easier, and on the first page! Your traffic grows and so does your business. 

Our case study on Tap.Global clearly shows how SEO can drive growth for your fintech. Within 8 months, we managed to increase organic growth and organic traffic to the website by keyword optimising the website and building SEO content to further support their SEO strategy. 

You surpass competition on SERPs.

It is true that the Fintech and financial services industry is extremely competitive. A lot of businesses in this industry often offer the same or similar services to other fintechs but with a different brand message in place. 

How do you compete in an industry that is extremely difficult to survive in and make a breakthrough

With the right keyword strategy in place, you can surpass your competitors on Google. A keyword strategy, underpinned by keywords sourced from Google Adwords and your PPC campaigns, is a guaranteed method of effectively climbing the ladder past your competitors.

SEO is also important to a Fintech in order to understand who your competitors are and understand the overall market you’re playing in. An SEO audit includes competitor analysis, which is analysis of the keywords they’re ranking for and analysis of how you can compete in the market as well and meet your objectives.  

SEO content optimisation is included.

SEO is not just research of keywords that people use on their web searches. It is also optimisation of content and copy. 

  1. You built content on your website based on keywords you want to rank for. 
  1. You built SEO landing pages based on these relevant-to-your-business keywords. 
  1. You optimise and refine existing website copy based on your keyword strategy. 

As a specialist SEO agency, the SEO strategy I provide includes clear instructions on the SEO content strategy, which is based on topics people are looking for instead of keywords. This method ensures that your content is relevant and valuable to your customers.

I don’t just provide the keywords, I built a strategy to help your Fintech rank No1.

Take as an example, one of our clients Alternative Soft, a Fintech that provides hedge fund software to its clients. We are currently in the process of reviewing all website copy and optimising it according to the SEO strategy we specifically built, as well as developing new SEO content. 

Brand Building

An SEO tactic that is usually ignored is link building, which is crucial for brand building in Fintech. 

Internal link building is the easy part of SEO but external link building is not as easy, because you need an external website link to you. 

For instance, a successful link building campaign that I managed with Spotcap is the Spotcap Fintech Fellowship which is an 8k award to a master’s or MBA student. My team and I managed to work with well-known universities in the UK, such as University of Oxford, increasing external links to the website and online visibility. Through this campaign, the brand not only gained trust and brand awareness but also skyrocketed to No1 on Google searches for ‘unsecured business loans’. All this with effective SEO tactics and link building.  

Don’t just take my word for it. Get in touch with our marketing agency today and I’ll happily answer your SEO questions.

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