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Yaser UK started as a one-man band in 2019, and is now an accomplished SEO agency in London. Our team has expanded and our clients have grown.

After working in London and Berlin helping Fintechs scale, it was time for Yaser to start something on his own. And that's how Yaser UK was born. Now a small but mighty team of specialist SEO marketers, this SEO marketing agency is at full speed to be a leading SEO agency across the world.

What makes us ‘us’

We work 1-2-1 with you, offering flexibility to our service with our strategies tailored to what needs to be done to scale your organisation. Our human approach to business means that we’re easily accessible and you know exactly who you’re working with.  

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We care about your company and we want to see you succeed.

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Our Clients

Companies that approach us are tired of the 'one size fits all' marketing and SEO strategies that other agencies build. We are here to change that. 

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Meet our team

We’re a close-knit agency, each of us with their strengths, working together to accelerate your organic growth. 

Yaser Ayub | Founder
I’m very much a generalist when it comes to marketing but I’ve got a passion for SEO. I’m very into aquascaping and gardening. 🌼
 Christy Balatsiou | Accounts Manager & SEO Strategist
In charge of client happiness. I’m not only passionate about SEO but also for a good book and pineapples. 🍍
Khalid Bin Shafique | Web Developer
Building pixel perfect digital realms with Webflow magic - fueled by rock 'n' roll jams and space travel aspirations 🎸
Saiful Islam| Accounts Manager 
Account manager by day, movie buff, swimmer, and music lover by night—diving into data and making waves in entertainment.
Sadman Kabeer | Senior Data Analyst
A data-driven business strategist skilled at increasing sales through diligent research & data analysis, contributing to client and company growth.
Hassan Tahir Butt | Junior SEO Exec and Data Analyst
A Junior SEO champ I thrive on optimising strategies while balancing a love for Cricket, exploring new places, and staying active at the gym💪
Anastasiia Khrapal | Digital Designer
With a strong focus on UX, I redesign websites and specialise in Webflow development to achieve your business goal 🚀
Paul Sipasseuth | Operations
Enabler of growth engine for team, simplify complex processes and optimise resources. Love SEO in foreign languages and world culture.
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It was a pleasure working with Yaser and his team.

They worked 1-2-1 with me and delivered positive results and organic traffic to my website


Distill Ventures

We’re very thankful to Yaser and his team for building a fully-functioning website for our business.

A very skilled and dedicated team of professionals is behind this marketing agency. Their attention to detail, analytical skills, and ability to work under pressure was truly remarkable.



Product developer

Yaser and his team have provided personalised, hands-on support, dedicated to achieving optimal results for our business.

They conducted an in-depth analysis of our site, successfully implemented strategic measures, and within just a few months, we witnessed a remarkable improvement in our search engine rankings! - Megan, SEC Group.



SEC Group

We’ll let our results do the talking…

We have a solid track record of clients to whom we have delivered tangible growth. We’re a leading SEO agency and consultancy trusted by many in the industry.
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