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Yaser.uk specialise in email marketing and strategy for various companies in the industry, particularly Fintech & Finance. With expertise in building and designing targeted email campaigns, we are an agency that delivers results and adds value to your business.

What is email marketing?

As marketers, we often disregard the power of email marketing but you'll be surprised what a simple targeted email can do for your business. As our lives have become more and more digital, email is another great form of getting in touch with your customers and remain visible in the market.

This method of marketing - of creating an email list of customers who would like to receive occasional updates from your company and feel connected to your brand - takes a bit longer to hit target goals but the benefits to your company will be long-term.

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Why is Email Marketing essential to your business

It is an important marketing method because you can achieve better results with email marketing than social media. Email marketing is more successful in sales conversion while social media is more effective in building brand awareness and an online community.

It is also a great method of keeping your past and new subscribers up to date with your current events, products and services. People who follow your newsletter are interested in your brand and offerings. It's a great way to keep build relationships with your leads and speak to your customers.

Generally, the more value you give your customers, the more value you will get in the long run. Which is why email marketing is also a great and strategic method of giving value and attention to your customers in a powerful way.

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Why work with yaser.uk

Our extensive experience in digital marketing has made us experts in email marketing too. We are an Email Marketing Agency in North London, and specialists in creating carefully targeted, well-planned email marketing automation campaigns for you.

We have helped companies find their voice, reach new audiences and add value to their brand.

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What my approach can do for you

What's included in my email services?


We come up with a complete email marketing strategy for your business, helping you guide potential customers down the Customer Sales funnel while keeping your existing customers engaged and feeling valued. We conduct an extensive competitor analysis to assess your position in the market and subsequently come up with a strategy that will differentiate your email automation from other businesses, and create quality email content for your customers.


We conduct a full segmentation analysis in order to assess and identify the appropriate target audience to your business. It is important to recognise who your main readers and customer groups are in order to engage with them through your email campaigns and provide them with useful and interactive content encouraging brand loyalty.

CRM system

We include CRM - Customer Relationship Management - in our strategy in order to extract important data on your customers and potential leads and consequently improve your relationship with them. CRM integration also helps us understand the customer journey from subscription to sales, resulting in improving your communications and building meaningful relationships with your audience.


We do the copywriting for you too. Creating relevant and valuable content for your email marketing is what we strive for. We understand the significance of a punchy email title that will attract the reader and increase Click Through Rate, as well as the importance of delivering concise and engaging content for your subscribers.

HTML Coding

In each email, we integrate HTML coding not only to make the email templates more visually pleasing but also to ensure it runs seamlessly on each digital device. We think it is crucial that customers have a coherent and easy user experience when interacting with your email campaign.

Review and Optimization

Test, test & test! Testing your email marketing campaigns before launching is crucial in order to get the appropriate feedback from customers, optimise accordingly and then launch it.

Your Search For an Email Marketing Consultant Is Over

Our Expertise is Your Ticket to Success

Did you know that 73% of respondents believe that email marketing is the best digital channel as it has the highest ROI (Return of Investement), according to Econsultancy? Email marketing achieves better results than any other marketing channel.

We are an experienced Email Marketing Agency with a wide range of clients, currently working with SMEs, Fintech and Financial services.

We have helped companies find their voice, reach new audiences and add value to their brand. Are you joining them?

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Our Clients Know Best

"I've worked with Yaser in various ways over the last years. He's an incredible analytical marketer and has shown he can grow the customer base of financial brands. I hope I can continue to work with him on other projects in the future."