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With decades of experience in dealing with organic and sustainable SEO growth for FinTech, is best known for specialising in and delivering full spectrum SEO services, also offering disruptive expertise in several other fields.
Our first hand knowhow in helping businesses improve their search engine ranking serves to also increase customer engagement and sales conversion. Through growth plans tailored to the strengths of a client’s business,’s analytics and consultancy will undoubtedly add legitimate value to many aspects of your company’s business.

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Why search engine optimisation is the perfect  customer acquisition for your business.

What is SEO?

Although there is actually no one true definition, the term ‘SEO’ stands for Search Engine Optimisation. 

Now, if you’ve never even heard this term before, please don’t worry. It isn’t as complicated or technical as it sounds.

Search Engine Optimisation is not magic, it's the art of improving your online brand visibility and the e-commerce of your business, and it is probably the most competitive aspect of marketing today. 

In the UK alone, there are almost two million businesses that use the internet to sell their products and services. 

Top SEO ranking, as in ‘where your company positions on a Google or search engine user query’ is, for any company, big or small, generally achieved one of two ways.

There’s the ‘Pay to Display’ way. (as we call it at then there’s the ‘Organic’ way.
Depending on your company’s objectives and what it's traditional and digital marketing strategies are, the ‘Pay to Display’ method may be the current best means of seeing the name of your business in pole position on the screen whenever you use a search engine to look up the product or service that your company provides.

Unfortunately, if this is the method your company currently uses to obtain that top ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing or Mozilla Firefox, there’s a good chance that this is also one of your company’s greatest outgoings.

There is also a good chance that with regard to sales conversion and ROI, its expense is not fully justified. Couple that with the fact that search engines like Google change their algorithms all the time means that it is essential to update or refresh your content regularly. 

This is where can come in and make ‘that’ difference. Utilising a veritable barrage of multi-disciplined analytic and creative expertise to take your company and public awareness of your brand levels higher,’s full spectrum organic SEO growth will not only improve your business, but will help you and your employees further understand what drives the company’s success along with it’s potential future opportunities.

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Who are started life as one man on a path to becoming a web designer and developer. Having been exposed at an early stage to the FinTech market and industry through employment in London and The City, this well educated young man’s attention then turned to the world of finance and investment.

From there he went on to spend over twenty years, largely in the FinTech sector, assisting both start ups and well established companies get to grips with the internet and what was rapidly becoming the most important marketing channel for reaching new customers for almost every business in existence. 
Many London based agencies in the SEO market fail to update their products and services to keep up with this fast moving industry and, even worse still, regularly suggest the ‘Pay to Display’ SEO method as the best course of action. The increasing prevalence of agencies of this ilk is why was created as an independent freelance consultancy, only offering consistently updated SEO and digital marketing services that are always fit for purpose. 

With our strict client-by-client approach to SEO consultancy, never needs to fall back on templates or models, with each of our client’s individual set of specific needs and objectives dealt with on a client-by-client basis.

We have worked with and for a number of B2B and B2C Fintech companies and commercial organisations including:

Spotcap (B2B unsecured business loans)
Pockit (B2C prepaid card for the underbanked)
Touch Financial (The UK’s largest invoice finance broker)

Who are you?’s previous and existing clients vary vastly. From small independent dentist practices to the largest multinational financial organisations such as banks, has provided and continues to provide a wide range of services and different growth plans for clients and businesses wishing to improve their SEO ranking and optimise their marketing strategies.

No matter what stage of the business cycle you or your company is at,’s range of creative and analytical techniques for improving content combined with our ability to make best use of existing and new marketing channels will not only improve your SEO, but will also visibly improve your balance sheet, both in terms of sales conversion / retention and increasing the size of your potential customer base. 

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SEO is an ART Not Magic
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How Yaser can help you with improving your SEO 

Successful organic rankings start with understanding the keywords your audience are searching for and incorporating them into your website content and website’s technical build. Competitor analysis and tools such as Google Adwords, Keyword Explorer & Ahrefs give insight in search volumes but not necessarily what actually drives sales conversions.

Our team assists clients and companies acquire the right tracking and marketing attribution structure. Once in place, swift measurement of which channels are effective for reaching the client’s target audience can be initalised and, importantly, the relationship these channels have with each other and how they can be further combined to improve overall performance. 

In many competitive industries a good value proposition is important to ensure you stand out from the crowd. So starting off with a value proposition for your company (a concise statement that describes the business and why a customer should do business with you), will deliver website and marketing content that reflects and emphasises the agreed upon value proposition. Some examples of good value propositions in FinTech are:

Starling Bank - Choose the best bank account for you
Mozo - Banking made easy
Revolut - Get more from you money

In more recent times email marketing has been overlooked as a great marketing channel that not only reaches out to new customers, but keeps users informed, pushes them through your funnel and even reduces churn. A good email strategy combined with the other aspects of your marketing funnel can be critical in turning your business from a regular going concern to successfully increasing sales and improving ROI.

Running a paid search campaign with a PPC company that looks at the historical data, metadata, and search queries reports for your company will give you the best insight into what keywords drive visibility and new sales.

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SEO OPTIMISATION SERVICES provides the full spectrum of SEO services for clients in and around the Greater London area, from email and social media marketing through to adwords and metrics analysis. Our consultancy has consistently produced increases in customer base, sales, and ROI for our clients. Preparing growth plans aligned to a business’s strengths, their purpose is to propel acquisition on Google, increase website traffic and customer engagement, and improve lead generation and conversion.

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SEO is an ART Not Magic


My Experience is Your Ticket to Success

I am a creative and data driven freelance SEO consultant, I setup my  agency because i was fed up with the number of cowboys I see in the marketing .

Having worked for a number of B2B and B2C Fintech companies and commercial businesses I wanted to bring my skills to a wider audience and am now helping multiple small businesses achieve their business goals online..

I have worked with, among others:

- Spotcap (B2B unsecured business loans)
- Pockit (B2C prepaid card for the underbanked)
- Touch Financial (The UK’s largest invoice finance broker)


I have years of experience in SEO agency work and can provide you with that expertise.

My speciality is optimising your whole website to make sure that you come out on top in the searches that are most important for your business.

Each company has unique needs, which is why I provide a service that’s tailored to your businesses.

Yaser Ayub - Londons leading SEO Consultant

SEO Most Common Questions

What is Organic SEO ?

Organic SEO  is the art of ranking in the search engines naturally,  anything with the AD symbol on the list is a Pay Per Click Advert and the customer is billed for every click on the listing.

What is the difference between Paid  Search & organic SEO ?

PPC is referred to formally as Pay Per Click Advertising, Is essence its the method of paying for immediate exposure online.
The benefits of PPC is instant exposure as well as testing out keywords that can form the base of a SEO Strategy.

What Is Keyword Analysis ?

Keyword analysis, refers to the task of analysing keywords and their associated search volume. For example if you wanted to investigate how many people in the UK are searching for a website design agency in London, you could go to Google Adword Keyword explore and use their tool that will tell you exactly that with associated phrase terms.

SEO strategy

SEO Stratergy

We build award winning SEO strategies that drive ROI

On-site SEO

On-site seo for small businesses

Our team are experts in on-site SEO, building competitive content marketing strategies that drive organic traffic

Off-site SEO

Off-site seo for small businesses

We take care of all the technical stuff so you don't have to.