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Fintech Marketing Case Study

Tap.Global approached Yaser UK for a professional SEO service that increased organic traffic to the website by 100% in just 8 months.
Yaser Ayub
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November 3, 2021
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Fintech Marketing Case Study

After an initial consultation call with Tap.Global and before developing a Keyword strategy, Yaser conducted a competitor analysis to understand the competitive environment this Fintech company is operating in. Furthermore, a competitor analysis is crucial before defining the keyword strategy, in order to understand the keywords competitors are ranking for on Google and understand their success. 


A technical audit was also fundamental to ensure all website operations in regards to SEO were running smoothly. For instance, a good rating on page speed affects SEO ranking positively as well as setting up robot.txt for Google indexing. 


SEO strategy development followed. It is based on extensive research and evaluation of keywords currently being used in the cryptocurrency industry that would be beneficial to Tap.Global's website optimisation. It is also based on competitor keyword analysis. After assembling all the necessary keywords in a file, website optimisation ensued. 


Lastly, an SEO content strategy was also included in Yaser's services, mainly to publish relevant and useful resources in order to keep organic leads engaged with Tap.Global. The content is optimised based on the keywords in the SEO strategy, to drive leads to the website. Effective link building was mainly accomplished on content.

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The SEO strategy was successful in hitting targets, driving lead generation and increasing organic growth, with results showing in the first 8 months for this established Fintech company. Organic users to the website gradually increased over a period of time. Extensive growth can be observed after 8 months of applying the SEO strategy and optimising Tap.Global's site according to the relevant keywords. The Fintech industry is an immensely competitive market. To survive this ever-changing environment, it is crucial that a Fintech is able to follow and adapt to current trends and try new strategies. For Tap.Global, they are already in the next phase of planning their marketing impact in the industry, with Yaser.

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Yaser Ayub
Chief Marketing Officer
Yaser UK succeeded in delivering excellent results in increasing organic traffic for Tap.Global - through SEO only - generating new leads and ranking high on Google.