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Launching a Fintech is hard, scaling is harder

Yaser UK helps FinTech companies get to the next level and scale up, by creating unique Fintech marketing strategies that accelerate quality customer acquisition and organic growth. Scale up too.

I build successful marketing strategies for ambitious businesses
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We build successful marketing strategies that help your Fintech scale

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Keyword Strategy

Grow your organic traffic and drive quality leads through strategic SEO.
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Fintech Consulting

Add value and credibility to your business with our vast experience in the industry.
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Fintech Copywriting

Expert and valuable Fintech content is written by expert copywriters.
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Competitor analysis

Be aware of your competition - most Fintechs don’t survive after launch due to high competition.

Clients love our Fintech expertise - don’t just take our word for it

Yaser UK is expert in marketing for businesses in the Fintech and Financial services industry, delivering tangible results and driving sustainable growth.
Jasper Marting - CMO Pension Bee

Incredibly analytical marketer

I've worked with Yaser in various ways over the last years. He's an incredible analytical marketer and has shown he can grow the customer base.

Jasper Martins, CMO

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Mitesh Gohil, Head of Digital

Yaser takes full ownership

Yaser took full ownership of our growth strategy. From content creation, development, SEO to PPC, we have seen a huge improvement since having him onboard and look forward to the continued success

Mitesh Gohil, Head of Digital

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Mitesh Gohil - Alternative Investment Saas Software

SEO expertise that delivers results

Yas has a magic formula for SEO. Within only 3 months of working together, our site is showing on the first page of Google for targeted keywords, which has significantly increased our web traffic and inbound enquiries. Thanks to his expertise, the right people are seeing our product at the right time.

Robert Baugh, CEO

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Fintech marketing agency that adds value

Yaser UK is an expert SEO agency in the Fintech market, always working with you not only for you

Hassan Daher, CEO

Are you a Fintech ready to grow and make an impact?

Yaser UK is an expert marketing agency empowering SMEs and ambitious Fintechs to achieve their business aspirations.

The Fintech market might be fairly new, but it’s already generating £6.6 billion per year.

There are also 1600 Fintech businesses currently in the UK, and this is expected to double by the end of 2030. The industry is already very competitive. 

No matter how good your business model is, your Fintech won't thrive if it doesn't have steady inbound leads and high conversion rates. That’s where we come in.

We are experts in Fintech marketing and SEO specialists for Fintechs, with a proven record of driving sustainable growth and leading businesses to success.

Specialists in generating organic leads for your Fintech and in helping companies such as yours improve their SEO and marketing strategy, we work together towards your business goals.


The Fintech and Financial services market is extremely competitive; it is difficult to survive as a start-up in this industry.

Differentiation is also harder in this industry; most Fintechs provide similar products but with a different brand image and message. This means that you have to have the right Fintech strategy in place and a unique approach to lead your business forward.

Yaser UK's marketing strategies are different because they are built to be agile, sustainable and able to drive organic results long-term. We have repeatedly delivered successful marketing strategies for Fintech and Financial services businesses, and can do the same for you.

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It increases website traffic and leads organically: we believe in the magic of SEO and we’ve made ourselves experts on it. 
High ROI: skillful inbound marketing and SEO reduces extra costs helping you invest your money in parts of the business that matter. 
Beat the competition: be a strong competitor in the market with a strong brand identity and a clear product proposition.
Higher ranking on SERP: better visibility and better credibility.


Who is Yaser UK?

Yaser UK started life back in 2019 as a one-man band. In just over a year, this marketing agency has come to work with some of the top Fintech clients in the industry.

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We are experts in our field. We are also experts in anything Fintech. Yaser's expertise spans across various Fintech companies and Financial services businesses throughout 15 years.

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We specialise in the Fintech industry. We deliver tangible results, not just empty words.

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Drive your Fintech forward with our Fintech marketing team by your side.

Let’s work together.

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We work with you, not only for you. We get to know you, we build a relationship with you and help you level up.

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We create competitive and unique marketing strategies that align with your Fintech aspirations, working hard to deliver best results.

Ready to make an impact? Let’s get to work

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We pride ourselves in the work we do for you and the results we deliver.
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There’s no leads without value and no value without leads.
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We are resilient, reliable and ambitious. We strive for excellence.
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Holistic approach

We work with you every step of the way, and hit targets.

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Why choose Yaser UK as your Fintech marketing agency

Launching your Fintech seems challenging but thriving and surviving is harder. The purpose of our growth plans is to be competitive, sustainable long-term and valuable. 
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Let's get to work.

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I have 15+ years in the Fintech industry. I know what works and what doesn’t.

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Although we specialise in SEO and organic growth, we are also professionals in inbound marketing such as email marketing and PPC.

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We work closely together. I’m always one phone call or Whatsapp message away.

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I align the Fintech strategy to your business ambitions and aspirations.

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We continuously track your progress and market performance, to recentre the strategy to your goals.

Your search for a Fintech Marketing Consultant is over

The vast world of financial technology is a booming industry. My experience in building effective marketing teams and running unique marketing strategies for Fintechs all over the world, set me apart.

Powerful Fintech marketing channels - whether B2B or B2C - vary but my experience in this industry tells me that SEO and compelling inbound marketing are channels with high success rates and positive results.

As a specialist Fintech consultant, I can help you successfully kickstart your marketing journey, drive growth and make an impact.
Let’s work together and strategise.

In the past, I have worked with:

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Spotcap: a B2B unsecured business loans Fintech

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Pockit: a B2C prepaid card for the underbanked

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Touch Financial: The UK’s largest invoice finance broker

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