Food Photography Case Study

Jason Spoor reached out to Yaser UK for an SEO service that increased visibility on Google search and generated 3 quality leads per week.

Jason Spoor is a talented food and drinks photographer working in London. He approached Yaser through a referral, for SEO assistance. The main objective of this union was to increase quality leads to the website and rank his website on the first page of Google search. The SEO strategy included technical SEO audit, keyword research, website optimisation and SEO content generation.

Project Highlights
  • Jason Spoor ranks on the first page of Google for the keyword {food photographer london}
  • The SEO strategy was significantly boosted by SEO content.
  • More clients are converting and purchasing his services, organically.
What methods we followed and how

Jason Spoor’s main business objectives were to rank on the first page on Google and to increase quality leads. To do that, Yaser put an SEO strategy in place. 

Firstly, Yaser executed an SEO audit on Jason’s website to identify any technical issues. He fixed the technical SEO elements such as page speed, alt tags on all images and ensured that the page was crawled by Google bots. 

Secondly, strategic keyword research followed. This process involves researching and evaluating the right terms Jason’s business would rank for keywords such as ‘food photographer london’ or ‘drinks photography’. The right search terms are important for website optimisation because once a page is keyword optimised, it starts attracting relevant traffic.

It is worth noting that keywords are chosen based on intent and relevancy. The aim is to nurture the incoming traffic and provide valuable information. The same principle applies to SEO content. 

The main challenge on a food photographer’s website is that it has limited copy; these professionals are photographers and they predominantly showcase their art and skills through images. Yaser fit keyword optimised copy on each page by adding a FAQ section and a blog.

SEO content significantly boosted the overall SEO strategy and Google ranking. Consistent and relevant SEO optimised blogs really supported the website’s visibility on SERP. It is also worth mentioning that relevant content attracted relevant traffic and interested clients. 

Lastly, link building - an important element in SEO that is often overlooked. Building links with other websites is essential for Google to recognise your credibility and crawl your website, as well as interlinking within Jason's own website.

This SEO strategy increased organic traffic and lead conversions.

What we impacted

After three months of working with Jason Spoor, he ranks on the first page of Google for ‘food photographer london’ and ‘food photography london’. His website and blog now attract quality traffic, and leads convert to clients.

organic growth
leads per week

Yaser UK helped Jason Spoor increase organic traffic to the website as well as visibility. Yaser’s SEO strategy achieved all of Jason’s business objectives. Organic leads increased and the website ranks on the first page of Google.

“Yaser has been very professional and helpful. He is very experienced in SEO and can deliver results”

Jason Spoor
What we impacted
  • Organic traffic to the website increased
  • The website generates 3 leads per week
  • Jason Spoor’s website ranks on the first page of Google.
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