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Grow your traffic with our professional SEO services

Grow your traffic with our professional SEO services

Yaser Ayub
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November 25, 2021
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SEO is the most fundamental marketing method to grow your business and traffic organically.

In a few short words, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising and improving your website in order to rank high on search engines. SEO's principles also help Google easily read and crawl your website.

If you do SEO the right way, your website will:

  • rank high on search engines
  • you will increase brand visibility and clicks
  • you will attract quality leads and traffic
  • you will reduce extra marketing costs while increasing your ROI.

Also, a lot of business owners don't understand that SEO is a quite complicated marketing method because there is no one-size-fits-all method that could be applied to all businesses. Each business's SEO service is tailored to that specific company which is also why the SEO process and results take time to show.

But if you set the right SEO foundations from the beginning, your website traffic will only grow.

Let me show you how Yaser UK does SEO, delivering tangible results.

SEO audit

First things first, I execute an SEO audit to get a clear picture of the current state of the company.

An SEO audit helps me understand where the leads are coming in from, who they are and what exactly they are looking for in your website. It is very important that we target the right people and attract quality traffic with the SEO strategy.

This audit also allows me to review the current UX of the website and improve it, creating a funnel that leads the customers from awareness to purchase. By understanding the customer sales funnel, I am then able to strategise for growth. 

Lastly, an SEO audit involves extensive competitor analysis. It's important to analyse and evaluate competition as well as the overall market you are participating in. This type of analysis involves research on keywords competitors are ranking for, so that you avoid highly competitive and overused keywords that are hard to rank high for. 

This audit is a fundamental first step before any SEO strategy execution for growth, because identifying website problems and fixing them prevents future issues.

Technical SEO

The technical side of SEO is almost always neglected by agencies but I believe that the technical elements of SEO are the foundation and the heart of it. Keyword research and optimisation is not going to cut it anymore as Google requires websites to be technically optimised too. Websites need to be fast, accurate and easy to use.

A technical SEO audit identifies issues such as:

  • slow website speed
  • mobile usability and optimisation
  • complicated site architecture and sitemap
  • broken pages, 301 redirects and 404 error pages
  • crawling issues
  • missing title tags and meta descriptions.

A technical SEO audit is also one of the first steps Yaser UK executes before strategising on the website's SEO. By fixing these issues and allowing Google to easily read and index your business website, I am then able to fully focus on the keyword research and help your business traffic grow.

Keyword Strategy

A professional SEO service - apart from the technical elements of it - involves keyword research, website optimisation according to the keywords and link building.

Keyword research

At Yaser UK we use various tools to conduct a thorough keyword research, but the one I always recommend is Ahrefs. During research, you evaluate the keywords that you'd like your business to rank for on Google and be visible for. For instance, our page is ranking No1 on Google for the keyword {fintech marketing agency}. What that means is that when people type {fintech marketing agency} on Google search, our page comes up on the first spot.

This is because we have keyword optimised Yaser UK after research, and we now generate 63% of our traffic organically through SEO.

63% of traffic to the Yaser UK Website is organioc
Yaser UK's website traffic is generated predominately through SEO.

Website optimisation

After you identify relevant keywords to your business, you optimise your website copy. Here at Yaser UK we understand the importance of not only effective and relevant copy but also optimisation according to the keyword research, which will attract organic searches.

Link building

Link building is also a very essential part of SEO for any business. 

  • External link building is when another website links to your website content. To explain it better, if another website links to you, that is considered an external link. 
  • Internal link building is when you link one page of your site to another page of your site.

Both methods of linking are considered essential for SEO as crawlers use these links to visit other websites and index further pages. Links essentially help Google crawl your website and easily find you through other links on the web.

On-page SEO

There are certain elements on a page that boost your SEO and ranking on search engines if done correctly and diligently.

Each page is SEO optimised by paying attention to:

  • the title tag of the page
  • the URL
  • the content of the page
  • alt texts on images

On-page SEO is crucial because Google crawlers scan and index all pages on your website, not just the homepage. If your page follows the above guidelines correctly, Google will reward you with higher ranking on search engines. This means visibility and traffic for you. 

Why are these on-page SEO elements so important, you ask?

Apart from increasing your brand awareness and visibility, these guidelines have other benefits too.

Title tags need to be informative yet short and they are your customer's first point of contact with your website. The title tag should entice the customer to click on your website.

The URL needs to be descriptive and contain the keyword of the website as URLs with the main keyword have a 45% higher CTR.

The content of the page should be keyword targeted, relevant and valuable to what customers are looking for.

Lastly, alt texts should always be included on images, as alt texts can be picked up on searches, bringing potential traffic your way.

SEO content strategy

An expert SEO service should always be supported by a good content strategy. Content is king whether you're a B2B or B2C business and it can generate more traffic to your business.

A great example is our client Qardus. The blog 'What is cryptocurrency and is it halal?' generated 62% of the website traffic in just two weeks, which further emphasises that a good SEO content strategy can increase searches and leads. 

A professional SEO content strategy involves:

  • Relevant, valuable and compelling content that answers the customer's question and problem
  • Share-worthy content in order to assist link building that other websites will cite and link to your website.

Content built around your keyword suggestions will not only boost your website ranking and brand visibility but it will also nurture those new leads.

At Yaser UK, we pay attention to how we do SEO for our clients; the content that we create is not based on individual keywords but on keyword topics; topics that people are typing on Google search.


SEO is the new holy grail

Not a lot of companies have the patience or the budget to invest in a good SEO consultant that will build their strategy. 


But professional SEO services executed right can really help your business traffic grow organically.

Get in touch with our agency if you're interested in SEO for your business.

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