Ethical Fintech Case Study

Qardus reached out to Yaser UK for email marketing and an SEO strategy, which increased organic growth by 75%.
Yaser Ayub
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November 3, 2021
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Business Financing platform


SEO and Email marketing

Who Qardus is

Qardus came to Yaser UK with one business objective in mind; To assist Qardus’s growth and help the company scale up.

Qardus is an ethical Fintech which promotes a sharia compliant and ethical financing marketplace, where on one side it helps small businesses obtain ethical funding to grow, and on the other side investors can maximise their profits by investing in ethical businesses.

Yaser UK mainly focused on building a strong email marketing and SEO strategy as well as on executing it, as data and customer research showed that these are the correct channels for optimum customer engagement and acquisition.

Overall, Qardus has achieved

  • No2 ranking on Google for 'Islamic Business loans' in just 6 months.
  • SEO optimised blogs now improved quality traffic acquisition
  • Email marketing campaigns now have high open rates

First page ranking for Qardus.

The SEO steps Yaser UK followed

First step

After a thorough competitor and market analysis, SEO and email marketing were considered the most effective forms of marketing for a financial business such as Qardus.

These two marketing approaches were used in a combination in order to create a funnel that would assist in acquiring customers and then converting them into clients. These methods assisted in growing website traffic organically, in nurturing the leads through targeted emails and successfully converting them into sales.

Second step

Also, SEO involves constant keyword research to stay relevant and at the top of search engines, as well as constant evaluation of these keywords and the traffic they attract.

Yaser’s SEO techniques and strategy achieved No2 ranking for Qardus for ‘Islamic Business Loans’ in just 6 months. This meant increased quality leads and brand awareness, as well as increased B2B visibility and investors on the platform. 

Third step

The SEO strategy for Qardus also included a content plan based on the keyword strategy which further supported the overall SEO and lead generation. For instance, the blog ‘What is cryptocurrency and is it halal?’, increased website traffic by 62% and conversion rate was up by 46%.

Fourth step

Lastly, B2B email marketing is an extremely effective communication tool for Qardus to nurture their leads and advertise their services. Yaser assisted the business in building an extensive email list and create comprehensive email content that increased open rates and clicks on Call-To-Action buttons by 32%.


Organic Growth


position on Google


The objectives of Qardus were met successfully. The company started growing organically further with an effective SEO strategy in place and generated quality leads due to the supporting content on the blog.

Qardus is now at the top of search engines for ‘islamic business loans’. Email marketing also assisted Qardus in nurturing and giving value to these leads, further supporting the overall marketing strategy and aim of acquiring B2C and B2B clients.

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Yaser Ayub
Chief Marketing Officer
Yaser UK helped Qardus achieve organic and steady growth in Ethical Finance. SEO and Email Marketing were fruitful and delivered tangible results as shown above. Qardus is now a dynamic and strong competitor in the financial market.