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Increase Your ROI Simply with a Page Speed Check

Increase Your ROI Simply with a Page Speed Check

Yaser Ayub
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November 25, 2021
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As we discussed on the previous blog on the importance of a technical SEO agency, page speed and mobile usability are fundamental when it comes to SEO and helping Google understand your website and reward it with a great ranking on Google and Bing. 

And Google now has a great tool - the Test My Site tool - for all marketers and developers to use and optimise their websites. You need this tool in order to check your mobile performance, make the correct fixes and rank high on Google. It should be a part of your SEO process as mobile usability and page speed is a must for SEO and Google visibility.

Learn more about this new tool and the benefits it can bring to your business.

What is page speed and site speed? 

Both checks are very important when it comes to Google ranking, visibility on SERP and generating traffic to your website.

  • A page speed check is an evaluation of a page’s loading time. If it takes too long for a page to load, people are impatient, they don’t want to wait more than three seconds for a page to load, and they click out. This affects the bounce rate and consequently the SEO of your website. It is a chain reaction. 
  • Site speed is about the loading speed of your whole website, with all your pages included. Both individual page speed and overall site speed matter because you need to improve the loading speed of individual pages first in order to improve the overall site’s speed.

Page and site speed are also both crucial as statistics show that:

  1. A one second delay in page loading can result in 7% less conversions
  2. 40% of users will click out of a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
  3. 79% of people said that they would not revisit a website with a poor performance, resulting in lower rankings too.

It should be mentioned that page and site speed should be considered both during mobile usage and desktop, as people access the internet from both devices - and from a mobile considerably more.

Do these affect my business?

Yes they do. The speed of your pages - whether mobile or on a desktop - and your website is connected to a user’s experience. When your pages load fast, the user is able and willing to engage with your website, to shop, read, click, scroll, learn, find and so on. This engagement is only possible when your page speed is fast and loading time doesn’t take more than three seconds.

If page speed is slow then users jump to the next site with relevant information and services. This is bad for your bounce rate as it affects Google ranking, it also affects discoverability as people will never get to interact with your website since they willingly clicked out, and never explore your pages and the information you provide in regards to their search term.

It is important to fix your pagespeed, both on the mobile version and on desktop.

Test My Site tool

You need this free Google tool in your life and I’ll explain why.

This tool can:

  • Check your mobile page speed 
  • Track your progress every month
  • Evaluate your speed and progress with other competitors
  • And estimate the true ROI affected by page speed

Check your mobile speed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Google has changed its algorithm to reward websites with high rankings, only if they are fully mobile optimised.

If your website doesn’t load quickly enough or work well enough on mobile, then forget about the first page on SERPs. 

This does not mean though that you should focus on mobile page speed only and forget about desktop usability. On desktop, you support mainly the UX of your website when you fix the loading time, while on mobile you support mainly the SEO. 

As a marketer and developer, you also need to check the loading speed for both individual pages and on the overall website. You need to ensure that the mobile version of your website runs efficiently, quickly and supports the user’s interaction with your site. 

Track your progress every month

Constantly tracking and utilising the data is a must. And who better to trust than Google’s data? With this tool you can now check your mobile performance frequently and make the right adjustments to get all the good rewards on SERP.

Evaluate your speed and progress with other competitors

Another key element included in this tool is competition. Your mobile page speed is evaluated depending on your competitors evaluations too. You can now see how they are performing online and make the correct changes to your website too.

This also creates a healthy competitive environment, encouraging website owners to strive for the better.

Estimate the true ROI affected by page speed

This is a great tool for calculating the impact your page speed has on your business.

Google Page Speed and ROI tool
Calculate how much money you can make with pagespeed improvements.

The ROI is mainly calculated by:

  • Page speed
  • A measurement of visitor loss because of slow page loading
  • And competitor page speed evaluation

With this Test My Site tool you can see an estimation of ROI, and you can calculate the money you can make if you improve your page speed.

What does all this mean?

It means that mobile optimisation and page speed checks are essential, especially if you’re making money from your site. It’s important that your website is mobile friendly and fast in order to encourage online traffic to engage with your site and reach ‘purchase status’. 

Also, since most users use their phone to access information on Google, it indicates that most traffic comes from a mobile phone. This tool will help you optimise your mobile version to attract those particular leads. 

The ROI and benefits to your business from such a tool can be immense. Take advantage of it too. 

More helpful tools to consider

You can take advantage of a few more useful tools to measure page speed and whether your website is mobile-friendly.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Test tool: It’s a tool provided by Google and the report shows you exactly which pages need to be mobile optimised. 
  2. Page Speed Insights: this tool is also provided by Google. The reports provide information on page performance both on mobile and desktop devices. 
  3. GTMetrix tool: this is a page speed program that accurately calculates the speed your page loads, giving it a grade from A to F, with F being the lowest. 
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