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Welcome to my office

Welcome to my office

Yaser Ayub
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November 25, 2021
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Why did you decide to get your own office?

When I started, I was working in communal environments and found as my business grew, I needed a space dedicated to work where I could concentrate and host online meetings. I’ve been here for about a year and I welcome you all to take a look around my office (virtually for now)- hopefully we can have a cuppa there sometime!

Can you walk us through your daily routine and spaces?

The first thing I do when I arrive at the office is check on the fish- I give them some breakfast and ensure that all is well in their underwater environment. I am interested in aquascaping, so the oxygen levels are balanced by the plants in there. I’ve got some betta fish (also known as siamese fighting fish) but I can assure you they’re very calm and majestic to look at. The most recent addition to the community is a frog! It’s great to have something to look after (as well as my work!) in the office. 

What’s next?

I’m really into my coffee and I find taking the time to brew a fresh cup a great way to get into the swing of the day. I have a coffee dripper which perculates my drink perfectly. My current favourite roasters are Squaremile and Woodstreet in East London.The added benefit of having a coffee station is that when you’ve finished brewing, it leaves a lovely coffee aroma in the air! 

Then it’s time to set up shop and get to work...I’ve got a little oasis going on at my desk which is always a very inviting space to work and good for inspiration.  I’ve got an elephant ear plant, cactus and a alocasia plant to keep me company whilst I’m typing away or answering calls. From my desk, you can see the chalkboard which my daughters have recently written notes on. One of them has even written me a short informational book for my office which she would like me to hand to clients.

What sort of work do you do?

As a SEO marketing agency, my work focuses on creating organic growth for Fintech businesses and ensuring that their website is consistently ranking highly on search engines. Once I’ve worked on growing their SEO presence, it’s great to see real progress and ROI happening for these clients. The next step which I really enjoy is to produce detailed, easy to read reports for business owners to analyse and see the results for themselves. You can find a graph for a trading and banking app that I worked with below: 

My office sits in a tranquil spot, in between two churches and I can hear the bells ringing throughout the day which is calming! There are also a few inquisitive pigeons that perch on the windowsill outside. When I take a break, I look down the street and I can visibly see how great the community is here. I shop at independent businesses as much as possible as it’s nice to support fellow independents.  I’m really enjoying working in this space and look forward to welcoming you in person someday!

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