5 Fintech Marketing Strategies For Success.

Financial technology is thriving and here to stay. Fintech companies are seeing major success, as businesses and processes are turning digital post-Covid. Think of the success of Monzo or Klarna, they are two successful fintech companies, providing financial services through innovative technology.
5 Fintech Marketing Strategies For Success | Yaser UK

5 Fintech Marketing Strategies For Success.

Financial technology is thriving and here to stay. Fintech companies are seeing major success, as financial services need to be fast, digital and agile, especially post-Covid. 

Think of the success of Monzo or Klarna, they are two successful Fintech companies providing financial services through innovative technology, who grew fast and are one of the strongest Fintech businesses in the market.

Running a Digital SEO agency specialising in the Financial services and Fintech industry, I know how to give you the right advice to kickstart your growth and scale as a young SME or startup.

In this post, I will be introducing you to 5 Fintech marketing strategies that I think work best:

  • Become fully digital.
  • Content is still king.
  • Be bold with your branding.
  • Interact and engage with your customers.
  • How is your SEO and PPC?

What are the best strategies in Fintech marketing?

Become fully digital.

What differentiates Fintech companies from traditional financial businesses is the fact that they are able to challenge these traditional financial services by offering an easier and faster service through technology. Digitalisation, processes moving online and people accessing information mostly on the internet, is a clear indication that your Fintech should be part of this online world too. 

It is important that a Fintech marketing strategy incorporates the idea of digitalisation because

  • 61% of consumers don’t return to a website that wasn’t accessible on mobile.
  • And instead, 40% of consumers visit a competitor’s mobile website to find a solution to their problem. 

Ensure that your services are easily available and accessible on a mobile, that the app doesn’t glitch and works well, and that your website runs smoothly both on desktop and on mobile.

Content is still king. 

Content generation and content marketing will remain strong in the future. If you don't believe it, then you're gonna miss out. Already 70% of marketing companies are investing in content marketing because they understand that content is king.

Innovative technology in finance needs a supportive content strategy. Useful and relevant content related to your Fintech and to your services really helps with customer acquisition, and overall business growth. Blog posts, for example, are amongst the top three media tools used in content marketing for increasing lead generation and the ROI.

A good content marketing strategy is all about solving your customer’s pain with a variety of helpful content - such as video, articles, webinars, e-books - and giving them valuable information. The more value you give to your audience, the more value you will get in return.

Be bold with your branding.

A good marketing strategy for a Fintech, also, relies on effective branding in order to empower your brand and increase awareness. 

Do you really know who you are? Does your audience?

Take as an example, Monzo's unique marketing campaign. This TV campaign clearly shows that Monzo is an established brand in the Fintech market because of their effective branding techniques as well as distinct brand, tone of voice and message. The results of the campaign demonstrate 250,000 new customers than the previous month!

Be bold with your brand message and differentiate yourself from the rest of the Fintech companies in the market. One thing that a lot of marketers ignore is that most Fintechs provide a similar product or service, but with a different branding. 

Think of your branding as the packaging to your cereal; although you are a unique type of cereal, people prefer cereal boxes that stand out. Your packaging and box should be bold for people to prefer your cereal.

Fintech startups succeed with a solid and unique brand and positioning in the market.

Interact and engage with your customers.

Don't forget your audience and customers. Interact and engage constantly!

You should constantly keep your customers warm and engaged with your brand, whether that would be through

  • email marketing, 
  • social media
  • comment section on your blog posts. 

Really tap into the fact that customers feel the need to connect and relate to your brand. 

Creating an easy communication channel with your audience is a great way to create your own little fintech community - a dedicated audience base that will promote you through word of mouth.

Customer engagement is a number one priority for any Fintech business. You not only get to know your audience and the content they consume and love the most, but also you become a more personal brand, caring for your customers' wants and needs.

As a Fintech marketing consultant, I can guarantee you that the most successful marketing strategies include attention to the customer online and offline, through interaction and constant engagement.

How is your SEO and PPC?

As an SEO agency in London, my team and I know all about growing a Fintech company both organically and through paid advertising. However, I always advise my clients to not rely only on SEO methods or only on PPC ads.

You need to create a balanced campaign utilising both marketing methods.

Why? Because an SEO strategy will attract organic traffic and a Google Ad will attract targeted traffic. You get the best of both worlds for your FIntech. 

Also, a great SEO strategy is always underpinned by keywords used in Google Adwords. I can assure you that if you utilise both marketing methods, you will broaden your digital footprint, brand visibility and increase website traffic.

Review, refine, repeat.

At the end of the day, no strategy is successful long-term if you don't review it continuously and make changes accordingly. The strategies above, if you keep reviewing and refining them, the success is only going to be around the corner. 

And this is coming from a marketing expert in the Fintech industry. Get in touch for more information on Fintech marketing.

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