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The benefits of a mentor
April 14, 2021
The value of a mentor is like the value of a friend. It’s not easily quantifiable or sometimes even definable but this relationship is immeasurably important to our wellbeing and sense of identity. Mentors are friends, professionals, agony aunts, our biggest champions and our most honest confidants.
Welcome to my office
March 9, 2021
This week, we sat down with Yaser from Yaser.uk, an independent SEO marketing agency, to discuss his working environment and how it helps him remain productive. Read on to find out more...
Checking in with Yas, Fintech Marketing and SEO Consultant
February 22, 2021
When it comes to SEO, it relies on a combination of elements done well in order to rank highly on search engines
“From 12hr days to actually living 'The Dream'?”
February 22, 2021
Now running his own SEO consultancy, Yaser Ayub not only discusses the price you pay working at a Fintech startup, but also how the career adds to future prospects, your overall understanding of business management, and the Fintech business cycle itself.
Fintech marketing in unprecedented times
April 3, 2021
In this article I will explain how small and mid size FinTech startups can maximise the value of their efforts