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WoW Workspaces contacted Yaser UK to increase traffic and sales conversions by 82%.
Yaser Ayub
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November 3, 2021
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WoW Workspaces




Brand building, SEO, PPC.

Who WoW Workspaces are

WoW workspaces is a property business, offering warehouse, office and workshop space to small entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Yaser’s responsibilities were to create a new and improved website and brand, build an SEO strategy and manage the PPC campaigns. The objective in place was to create a sustainable customer acquisition funnel where customers were guided to the website through carefully set up Google and through a relevant Google search due to a strong SEO strategy. Lead generation and sales conversions were important business objectives to WoW workspaces.

Yaser UK is a specialist SEO agency with considerable experience in SEO methods and tactics, PPC campaigning that delivers results and website optimisation. They achieved:

  • 147 organic conversions within 2 months
  • 4.5k of impressions through PPC in June
  • 196 organic website users through SEO in June

The SEO steps Yaser UK followed

WoW workspaces came to Yaser, with a unique business idea but no knowledge on how to drive traffic to the website.

First step

Initially, Yaser focused on building a new website for this e-commerce workspace business. It was important for potential customers to have an appropriate page to review the products and offerings. This new website was also necessary for brand building. Wow workspaces now has a clear brand message and tone of voice.

The new website was built based on excellent UX techniques and navigation in order to avoid high bounce rates and seamlessly guide potential customers through the sales funnel all the way to renting a space with WoW workspaces. This approach helped increase sales conversions, meeting one important business objective. 

Second step

The next objective was organic lead generation. This was achieved through an SEO plan and strategic PPC campaigns. The SEO strategy included keyword research to boost organic ranking on Google.

Technical website audits were carried out from the beginning to lay the right technical foundations for the new website and avoid issues in the future. Examples of a technical audit include checks on page speed, indexation, sitemapping and checking all broken pages and redirects.

Based on keyword research underpinned by Google Adwords, Yaser built specific SEO landing pages that increased website traffic.

Lastly, because content generation is really important for SEO, a case study page was built based on client testimonials. This also adds credibility to the brand, and value.

This SEO strategy increased organic traffic and sales conversions by 82%, with 142 organic conversions within 2 months.

Third step

PPC campaigns were set up and managed by Yaser UK, which accomplished positive numbers.

The PPC campaigns generated on average 20 sales conversions per week, in the first two months of running. It also generated 4.5K of impressions through PPC only in June.


organic conversions


PPC Impressions


All the business objectives of the marketing plan were met successfully.

Yaser assisted in building a new brand for this e-commerce workspace business, redefining the tone of voice, the value proposition and the brand message.

The SEO strategy helped increase organic website traffic while PPC campaigning assisted the SEO strategy in generating further leads and converting them to clients.

For instance, in the first two months of running Google Adwords, Yaser converted 147 leads into sales.

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Yaser Ayub
Chief Marketing Officer
Yaser UK helped WoW workspaces with their SEO strategy, PPC management and overall brand building. This marketing approach delivered excellent results and kickstarted the business's dynamic entry into the property market.