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Yaser Ayub
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November 3, 2021
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AEC Tutors





Who AEC Tutors is

AEC Tutors is an independent, London based tutoring business that has been helping its students pass their exams for nearly 20 years.

Yaser was tasked with defining and implementing an online marketing strategy to generate new enquiries, improve their SEO ranking and establish themselves as the go-to centre for private exams in London.

Their website was not generating many leads and all their business came through word of mouth and referrals offline. In planning the strategy it became clear that a CRM system was also needed to help manage leads and current students more efficiently, so this became part of the scope of our work.

Project Highlights

  • The following services formed part of our online strategy; Paid Search, SEO, PPC Consultancy, Website Design & Development and a bespoke CRM system build.
  • A complete rebrand and website build took place to improve performance, conversion rates and create a user friendly customer experience.
  • A bespoke CRM system was developed to increase transparency and drive efficiencies within the business.
  • A useful and engaging knowledge centre was developed for students and site visitors, increasing time spent on the website and click throughs to make an enquiry.

The steps Yaser UK followed

After our initial consultation period, working together with AEC Tutors we identified that the business would benefit by us focusing our online strategy on lead generation for 'exam tutoring' and 'private exams'. Together we completed a SWOT analysis for their ongoing products and services and it was agreed they would further increase their offering by tutoring students for their their GCSE, IB, and A Level exams. A multi channel approach was implemented and a particularly highly successful Google AdWords campaign followed alongside our SEO work for these new products.


Increase in organic site visitors within 12 months


Decrease in customer Acquisition cost

"Working with Yaser we were able to target a new area of tutoring and see a regular pattern of increased leads. Further to this, we were converting more enquiries and building a stronger business. We are now so proud of our website and rebranding. We enjoy seeing our students benefit from our resource centre on a daily basis. We continue to work with Yaser as part of our long term marketing strategy"

Managing Director, AEC Tutors


In order to increase lead generation and the number of successful conversions, both to reinforce the existing tutoring service and to provide enough clients for the new exam tutoring to reach its targets,

  • we sought to develop and establish their SEO ranking and overall online presence. Our goal was to create a regular stream of organic traffic to the website, which was being re-designed to help with this.
  • As generating organic traffic can often take some time, a PPC campaign was planned and initialised as a first step towards this goal.
  • A new website was built with additional student resources including an online learning portal with a CRM system put in place to track its online and offline processes, creating transparency and efficiency for the business owner and its tutors.

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Yaser Ayub
Chief Marketing Officer
Yaser UK assisted in building a new & successful online tutoring service that is growing month on month. The multi channel approach delivered growth in revenue and improved ROI in all areas.